I Heart the Lickety Split Blog

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lickety Split is an incredibly smutty, sex positive zine that comes (if I were more daring I would say "cums") straight outta Montreal.
I love the zine and I love the blog. I want to re post everything that shows up on the Lickety blog.
Heres the link: http://licketysplitzine.blogspot.com/

And here's a video that I love which Sarah posted a little while ago. Its a song by the Blow, which has been a favorite of mine since Sasha put "Come on Petunia" on a mix CD for me in September of grade 12.

I was singing this around the house one morning while Deragh was lying in bed. terribly hungover. I didn't even realize I was singing it! I have been singing out loud EVERYWHERE...when I'm waiting for the metro, at the gym, on the way to class, in the line for peoples potato, on my bike, at parties...I think it has to do with the change of seasons.


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