it was a summer day, when you took my cares away

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Something crazy happened to me.

First, to tell this story, I have to admit that I have an OKCupid account. I made it in September when I moved back to Toronto, and until a week ago, it sat pretty idly. Then I got a message that was very exciting. An incredibly gorgeous guy (my age, jewish, tall) messaged me. We quickly found a regional similarity - we both grew up in North York. A message later, and it turned out, all our lives, we have lived on the same street. The street my parents still live on and will be selling in a few months. I got excited. Retold the story about 15 times to the regulars at my bar when they asked me how I was doing, what's new?

We arranged to meet for a walk down the wintry ravine at the end of the street. My mom curled my hair. I packed 4 beer. We looked at photo albums of me and the boy in junior kindergarten. She told me she knows his dog. And his mom. A very nice woman.

We went on the date, talked a lot. Was there a spark? I'm not sure. He said "We should do this again" I said I'd love to.

So far, I haven't gotten a call. The hopeless romantic in me may love the story of how we met, more than the guy himself.

Oh, but did I mention...We met on Valentines Day.


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