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Friday, December 16, 2011




Lots have happened since my last post...I moved back to my hometown Toronto, got a bartending job, started an internship at WORN fashion journal, turned 22, experienced heartbreak, fell off my bike, picked up some ice skates...

Now that the waters have settled and the temperatures are dropping, I feel inspired to get posting again. I'm more obsessed with clothes than ever before - Working for WORN has made me more thoughtful about fashion - the politics, history, personal stories, subcultures, ideas and contexts behind what we wear.

I wore the above outfit to work (who says bartenders have to look slutty?) I love my bar - every shift is an opportunity to play dress up and try new things. But more on that later!!!

(belt, local 23 vintage. skirt, shoes and coat, second hand. bodysuit, american apparel) pictures by mike morris


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