But Then I Got High

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Today I'm listening to pop music, wearing all white and prancing around my apartment. I was gonna go for a quick workout today but then I watched this TED talk about slowing down and it inspired me to just lounge around instead. Sometimes doing nothing is the best thing.





I've had this plant for two and a half years! This is an unbelievable fact, as I'm very neglectful when it comes to homey things like plants. But it won't die! I've gone weeks without watering it and I swear it gets greener. Below it, I've "curated" a few of my favorite images in an old window frame. Its filled with 2 postcards - one of which came with my "Thunder in Our Hearts" tote bag) Below is a photo of my mom taken by my brother Michael Morris and at the very bottom is an image that I got from a poster for The Void Magazine at school taken by Yuli Sato.



Pants: Mom Capris, from clothing swap
Hands - looking mighty ragged from kitchen work.
Top: Thrifted


I Could Have Danced All Night

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Picture 15

Picture 13

Picture 12

Picture 17

(Photos by Dan Haber for the website)

Because of your nice comments welcoming me back, I thought it would be nice to show you where I've been! I mentioned a little while ago that I got a job as a line cook at Pizzeria Magpie and since then my life has changed in so many ways. For instance, looking stylish is near impossible most of the time. I've traded painted nails for burnt, scabbed kitchen hands. High heels for ten dollar Pro Keds. And since my shifts go way past midnight, I find myself at every party or bar in my work clothes still, which I hate but am getting used to.

And I've been learning so much about myself through the kitchen. At university, I was in my comfort zone all the time, and now I'm constantly pushing my boundaries further, and its uncomfortable and exhausting but great too. And I'll never see busy restaurants the same way again. I'm obsessed with them. I peer into every window and try and get a look at the cooks, the dishwasher, the servers, the people eating, what their eating - its a fascinating show.


Grace Under Fire

Tuesday, April 5, 2011








The last few weeks, have been stressful to say the least, and I've been the furthest thing from grace under fire. Yesterday was just too much I was a sensitive sally all day. A low point: sitting on a wet park bench eating a bag of french fries, waiting for the bus to take me to school with my paper and zine only half done, and crying. Another: standing in front of a photocopier trying to figure out how to print my zine double sided and asking the machine, "Why?" Also crying. Or when I realized I had french fry grease all over my paper and well, I didn't cry that time but it was a close call.

But there have been moments when I've been able to step out of the grind and just enjoy. Like the pictures above where I ran into my friend Adey on the first day of the Vintage Pop Sale (its still on till the 9th). I got the straw purse at the pop sale, and everything else I'm wearing was thrifted in Montreal. I have one six page to write and hand in on thursday but after everything, it will be a breeze. And then I'm done school! Forever! And it will be summer. Four months that I plan to spend relaxing. Stress? What's that? Sangrias on the patio? Oh yes, yes, this I can comprehend.


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