Happy Pride!

Monday, June 30, 2008

These pictures were taken this weekend at Toronto Pride 2008. I missioned down to the gay village on Saturday and Sunday where thousands of people came out to celebrate the queer community and unity! I met really inspiring people and old friends - we danced at every venue we could find, danced so hard, drank so much, my hair was drenched and we were loving life.
The highlight of Pride would have to be last night, when I was drinking with some friends and a glamorous, topless black woman walked by us. My friend Jordy said, "You've got the hottest breasts! Are they real!?"
And she lifted up her skirt, revealing a penis and said "Nope!"
And my friend Gavin said, "Best of both worlds!"
What a weekend! Happy Pride everyone!!


I Like Red Cause Red Is Best

Friday, June 27, 2008

Everything is from Buy The Pound. (From the bow to the shoes)


But Everything Has A Downside Right?

So, I’m pretty sure I got this blog purely to showcase how amazing buy the pound is, but I will warn you: It’s easy to come home with a lot of shit you will never wear or use. Half of my things have ended up in garbage outside my door.

On a recent visit, I walked away with five dresses that I have not worn yet. None fit quite right. And they have been washed but my room smells like a thrift store every time I walk in.
But I am not going to give up on them. My sewing machine is in Montreal and once I get back I will cut and fold and sew and embellish until they are perfect.

This dress is most my style but even it needs a lit of work. Without the bottom hemmed it looks like a nurse uniform. And I cant go for that, nooooo. No can do.


I'm Drooling Over This Dress

I got this beauty at Buy the Pound.
Buy the Pound is a haven for vintage lovers on a budget.
Its a huge vintage warehouse filled with gigantic bins full of clothes, shoes, picture frames, bedsheets, roller skates, old records, the teddy bear your brother used to love when he was little, records, books, teacups, sticky unknown substances and so much more!
This place takes me an hour an a half to get to, but its worth it.
The best part is, that this dress probably cost me about a quarter. They weigh the clothes and for every pound its a dollar. Because this fabric is so thin, it costs practically nothing.
And such pretty fabric it is!
This is the back:

The details! The color! The fit! The fabric! Made in Paris!
If you want to go shopping this summer read this article for info on how to get there/what to expect:


Newwww Dress!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I got this one at Kensington Market. It was a fairly reasonable price at twenty dollars. I wore it out tonight for dinner with my best friend Hayley Brooks.
Is it just me or is everything in Kensington SO expensive now?
She kills me. Hayley is so funky and unique and this girl makes me laugh.
And she has recently entered the world of blogdom:
check it out: wesavedlatin.blogspot.com.


C'est La Vie!

Friday, June 6, 2008

In the warmer weather, there is a city wide celebration every Sunday in Montreal, where hundreds of people gather in a park to enjoy the day, their friends, the grassy lawn, and the massive drum circle. This celebration is called Tam Tams. People from all walks of life gather - elders,children,students,hippies,parents...

Here are some pictures from when I went with my brother a few weeks ago:


Wow. So Cute.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

This is a dog who is raising orphaned squirrels along with her own pups. Together now: Awwwww.


Goodbye Loverr

I got these shoes for $10 at a vintage sale in someones house. They were a size too small but I figured they'd get some wear. But so far they haven't left my room. I'm giving them away and I think I know just who they belong to.


Happy Times

I went out last night with my dear friends - Sam, Morgan, Lauren and Gavin. We hung out at Sam and Morgans beautiful new home in the annex until midnight. They are such amazing company and I was feeling rather dandy! We ventured out to a DJ event at shared loft and paid ten dollars to get a messy heart drawn on our hands with a black sharpy. I could have done that myself for free. We walked up the stairs and into the club only to find that it was the lamest. scene. ever. But that was not enough to put a damper on our night. We crossed the street and went to an amazingly grimy bar on Queen West, where we took more shots and joyfully danced around the jukebox in the corner. We finally ventured back to shared loft to see if it had gotten better. Then a cloud hung over my happy times after I made a series of silly judgment calls. What can you do? I love the friends that I went out with and all in all it was a pretty good night.


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