All My Bags Are Packed...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm ready to go...
my dad (the fanatic of frank llyod wright architecture and america) has organized a really nice trip for the family. we will be staying in a house that was designed by good old frank himself. we went on a similar trip last summer, so here are some family photos my brother took. On ze bloggy we shall refer to him as Michael da Photographer (to be said with an arnold schwarzenegger accent)
alt="DSC_0155" />
i've packed the blue jumper again for old times sake...
bye for the weekend!


Mirror Mirror on the Wall...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Who hosts the best party of them all?

Hands down, its goin' steady. A dance party that rolls around once a month at The Boat in Toronto. The music makes me freak out its so good, cant even handle it - the dj's spin nothing but beat tunes from the 40's 50's and 60's, and its a fucking dance dream come true. Can't quite explain why I love it so much...possibly fueled by my early life obsession with the movie Dirty Dancing. My mom popped the video into the VHS when I was six and I've been hooked ever since. ('Cause nobody puts baby in a

The last time I went was June 6th and Sarah took some cute pictures.
jenny sarah 2
jenny sarah
jenny dance
Its pure joy in that face right there.

The next one is August 1st - that this weekend. Ill be in Pitsburg on a family vacation, so I need you to go so i can live vicariously through you. But if that can't happen, I'll just watch this video over and over and hopefully that will be enough until next time (which will probably be in Montreal, cause did I mention, they've been hosting them over there too!) (Watch the video i liked - the DJ's have played 'Love Man' on many occasions, and I'm not gonna lie, I've used some of Johnny's dance moves. The arm pop thing is a crowd pleaser...)



Sunday, July 26, 2009

I've been trying to write my paper all day. But I've hardly made a dent. Mostly I stayed in bed, drank tea, played with my kitten, who likes to hold my hand, and nuzzle his adorable little nose into my arm pit, and read a play. Also i checked twitter/facebook/hotmail about twenty thousand times.


(But i like to take after the shirt I'm wearing which reads "No problem!" amidst palm trees and sail boats...) Still, I know imma be screwed tomorrow!


she sells sea shells by the sea shore

In my last outfit post, christina requested a close up photo of my gold studded shoes...

Here are some larger photos of the purse and belt I wore in the last outfit post as well

Bet you didn't see that the belt is actually a collection of gold sea shells!

This is my beloved vintage chanel purse...found at Buy the Pound for less than a quarter!

I'm really loving gold accessories and details, especially when they are set again something black. Also, I really love Flickr - Christina suggested I set up an account to solve my photo sizing problems...What a great website, its so much easier than Photobucket! k bye!



Thursday, July 23, 2009

this editorial truly appeals to me - the humor, originality, wit, and beauty. (click to see the whole image) PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
first seen on childhood flames who saw it in Italian Vogue 2007



Tuesday, July 21, 2009

All of my purses piss me off - too small, no zipper, too big, uncomfortable strap...this one looks juuuuust right.



Monday, July 20, 2009

shirt is my moms from club monaco
belt my moms too, probably from...the 80's
slutty skirt from, you guessed it, urban behavior. (my parents wouldn't let me wear it out of the house unless i put a more modest skirt on top. awks.
tights moms drawer.
shoes - purched that day from value. velvet! plus gold studs!
purse chanel from buy the pound, what what!!!??

Maybe i should change the name of my blog to joyce (my mom) made me funky since i raided her wardrobe on friday...she also literally made me. anyways! i wore this on Friday to Gavins house party, and later to a show at the boat. The band playing was Opopo and they made me wanna dance all over the bar and onto the street.



Gimme Shelter

Sunday, July 19, 2009

i was chillin' in the waiting room of my dentists office, when I came across this image in a magazine. i loved it, so naturally, i ripped it out. (i hope i'm not the only person who does this!) At the time, i was planning a trip to montreal to find a single apartment in the mile end. But the whole thing was provoking an anxiety that would keep me awake at night. i have spent a few too many nights this summer weeding through the craigslist classifieds.

But luckily I found a really cute semi basement apartment on craigslist in the most perfect location EVER. Groll Street! If you find yourself in Montreal's mile end, buy a bagel (from fairmount preferably), a small dog, a beret perhaps, and take a stroll down this little cobblestone, car-free, garden-y street.

My landlord is a funny jewish woman from israel. i didnt have to go to montreal to sign the lease, we did it through the mail. she told me she trusted me because i was a jewish girl. my landlord is worried that i will have sex before marriage, get drunk, smoke cigarettes, and party. i decided to be honest and tell her that all of these things would probably happen. she said she would still rent to me because i seemed nice.

here are some photos of the apartment

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketThis last photo is from spacing montreal.

the person who posted it wrote, "At the corner of Groll and Waverly in Mile End, somebody has painted all of the street furniture — mailbox, planters, hydro poles, fire hydrant — baby blue. I have no idea why." this quirky touch of blue is one of the many things i love about the area.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bear with me, im still trying to figure out how to resize photos.




Poppin' Pearls

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I wanted to wear my mothers pearls for whats poppin wednesdays at sneaky dees last night. Wasnt allowed, though its probably for the best since last night was a particularly big shit show.

This is what it looks like. Photo found on zucket
drop by and you will probably find me swinging from pipes on the ceiling, with michael jackson's 'thriller' playing in the background. thats not true, but I kind of wish it was. maybe next week. this morning Sam and I woke up early and went down to hot yam to volunteer. The street car ride over was the nicest...the combination of the windows open and a breeze flowing in, feeling hazy and hungover at an early hour, a good friend at my side, it feels like a perfect summer.


Lust for Life

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

super fantastic music will follow at the 1:38 minute mark.


Lust for Lace

I WANT this balenciaga bra - but it probably costs more than my cats vet bill - a hundred plus dollars for a tiny piece o' fabric just ain't economical. i'm itching for the american apparel lace body suit (though speaking of itch) i tried it and its a bit rough of the skin. like a cheese grater. and i'm worried the fabric will run. like panty hose. if i decide to buy it, i will have to wait until the black lace comes into stores. i tried on the creme lace and liked it, but have come to accept that from afar I look naked.


Lady Corset

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ill admit: I've being wearing the same outfit all summer - a black high waisted skirt, and a corset i found in the lingerie section of value village for six bucks. But most nights I try to throw in some variations - black tights instead of bare legs, a jean jacket or a draped scarf on top, pair it with a tight skirt, the next night a loose skirt...but you know its gotten bad when your brother accuses you of wearing the same outfit two nights in a row - "yeah," said "but with different people!" (caught.) And the wiring has taken on a life of its own. mad pointy boobs.

Sass of Zucket has shot a few pictures of me, on different nights...(all of the following photos belong to her fabulous website)

(Sass/Joey is the lil' cutie in the left of this photo)


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