Monday, June 27, 2011



Photos taken by Sarah of Cheap Opulance and Lara from Citizen Vintage

I hopped over to the Citizen Vintage shop the other night to celebrate Izzy's birthday! I met these girls by modeling for their etsy shops in the winter and have come to really care about these lovely ladies. Cameras were flying everywhere, I got to meet Tara-Lynn who I've inter-loved for the past year, and I was in the presence of macaroons. I'd say the macaroons made this a "blogger meet up" but it felt more like hanging out with friends.

I'm wearing my collar made by Izzy with a gaudy pearl necklace underneath, an H and M crop top, vintage slacks, a poncho thing I found in the garbage and thrifted zara heels.


The Breaking Point

Monday, June 13, 2011

On Thursday I gave my notice at work so I can enjoy my last summer in Montreal before making a big move to Toronto. I'm glad I've been a cook for the last five months but I'm dying to paint my nails again and wear jewelry and lazily bask in the sun. I'll be in the kitchen for another few weeks so I'm focusing on doing happy things until then - today it includes streaming a hilarious satirical comedy about summer camp (with Amy Poeler! here) and dancing around my messy apartment in my underwear and new shoes (5 dolla).


Silver Streak

Sunday, June 12, 2011


At the beginning of summer I died a silver streak into the front of my hair that has now faded to a greenish blonde. Next I plan to dye it blue. At times I feel it doesn't suit me, so I part my hair in such a way that it doesn't show. But in other moments, when I'm out and getting rowdy or drunk, dancing perhaps,mingling you could say, I'll flip my front part to the left and let the streak take the stage. If you are in Montreal I highly recommend Salon Identite, where I hands down, recieved the most amazing cut of my life. AND It's a cozy, political, queer positive space, run by two of the best hair stylists in the city. You can read more about it here.



The cut was inspired by Jane Belfry's video on Style Like U and here were some inspiration photos I showed Julie before the cut

Picture 26

Picture 29

Picture 28

Picture 21

Picture 18

**References available upon request (AKA I forget where all these images come from. One is a Chanel model, some i got when i typed Silver Streak into google, and the last two are from Style Like U)


Mile End Fruiterie and my mom!

Monday, June 6, 2011




My mom came to visit at the end of May, and we had a decadent time in Montreal! We stocked my fridge with fresh fruits, baguettes, cheeses and calabresa (a thin cut of spicy salami). I'm not used to buying groceries that aren't on special at the store, which is why I usually end up with older produce and green peppers instead of red ones. But these things cease to matter whenever my parents come to town. These photos were taken outside Mile End Fruiterie - which presently has the best Golden Delicious apples in the city - run Mile Enders! Grab them apples while they're hot.

Some neighborhood personalities saw my mom taking pictures outside the fruiterie and asked to be in them too. I love turning the camera on people who want to be captured :)



Oh yeah and my mom and I watched this video about a hundred times. Inspired by Fieldguided's new bag


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