New Years Eve

Friday, December 31, 2010

jenny hat


Its the last day of 2010 and I just got my 100th follower. Thank you so much! I see it as a sign for fashion made me funky and my coming year on the inter-webs! I'll be sharing my New Years Resolutions in my next post - and I promise, they have nothing to do with weight loss!

This dress was recently purchased from Flashback, a vintage store in Toronto's Kensington Market. It was $33 - the most I've ever spent on a vintage dress! But I love it to bits because its simple and timeless and was made in Montreal (along with the hat I'm wearing, which I got fifty percent off at Goodwill). Thigh high tights are H&M and the shoes are originally Nine West but purchased second hand.







I hope you all have an amazing New Years Eve! xx


All Wrapped up in Blue

Monday, December 27, 2010




{Mink in the forest and three cats drinking from a bowl of milk}

I love this pin because I have three cats in Toronto, and its like they've jumped onto my jacket. I'm wearing all vintage today except for the tights which I found at H&M for two bucks. The coat was snatched from a garage sale in the summer for five dollars and the hat I got for pennies at a Goodwill warehouse in Toronto called Buy the Pound.







Lets All Get Drunk On Christmas Day

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Egg nog recipe here

Because I belong to the Jewish faith
I don’t get that buzzed by Christmas day
But pour some liquor in my nog
And I’ll be buzzing all day long.
I’ll trim the trees and deck the halls
If I’ve got some alcohols
And I’ll merrily spread the holiday cheer
So long as its paired with a cold brewed beer.
It’s the holiday, so whatever your taste,
Lets all get drunk on Christmas day

Picture 31

Picture 33

Picture 34

(All the photos are from my favorite food blog Eat Make Read. There are loads of stunning cocktail recipes filed under the tab Happy Hour. )


Diana Mini Love

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Photo 192

My brother works at a photography store in Toronto, and he surprised me with a Diana Mini last night - purchased half off with a staff discount! It takes pretty pictures. It matches my eyes. It will be with me everywhere I go, from this point forward. Thank you Michael - you are such an amazing person, brother and photographer.

View some of his shots here and check out Diana Mini Love, a blog dedicated to this cute little camera I'm holding in my hand!


Color My World

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Picture 24

Picture 29

Directed by Tom Ford, the fashion designer who turned around the house of Gucci, A Single Man is so beautiful and gripping, I felt a small loss every time the frame changed. The story follows George (Colin Firth) on the day he decides to kill himself. His life is grey and directionless and routine, but on this day he think is his last, George is touched by small moments and memories that make his world, if only for a slippery moment, vibrant and glorious.

In my creative writing classes at Concordia, we write stories and plays and almost always come back to the same question: What's going to change in this characters established life? Why tell the story on this particular day? When George wakes up from a horrible recurring dream and says that this day, he'd decided, was going to be different, I was completely and utterly hooked! Best movie ever.

Picture 25

Picture 26

Picture 28

(Film stills from Annette Murphey , Wednesdays Dream Live Journal and Indie Movies Online


Glass at the City of Craft

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


There seems to be a pattern where I go to craft shows hungover and leave feeling refreshed and excited. Although I'm used to craft and zine fairs in Montreal, City of Craft in Toronto was no less incredible! I was told by Claire from Needle Book that city of craft is super choosy about who gets to table - so every single display blew me away.

I got this bowl from the incredibly talented glass artist Patrick Fisher. The milky seafoam color and the simple shape are mesmerizing, like staring into the ocean. I also really loved the glass china jewelry by Amy Belanger and of course, the Pin Pals were there - these girls are everywhere and have the sweetest, craftiest and most affordable goodies at every craft fair I frequent.

Picture 8




All photos are mine except for the picture of my new bowl which I found on Patrick Fishers website!


Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Sunday, December 19, 2010


{Trying out scalloped bangs}

I'm not very experimental when it comes to my hair. I'm too wimpy to get bangs so I pin my hair up instead. But lately i've been experimenting with back combing my hair to give it the classic bridget bardot poof. The hairspray is probably killing my red hairs stand by strand but a 'sex kitten' i do feel! I'm hoping to get to the hairdressers sometime this week so that my hair lends itself a little easier to sixties styling.

Picture 18

Picture 4

Picture 181

Picture 178

(Inspiration: Cupcakes and Cashmere, Cyntia Dicker, 212's lookbook, Hannah and Landon and Brigitte Bardot from Seablanket)


Weave me a Wintertale

Thursday, December 16, 2010



One of my favorite things about coming home for the holidays is rifling through every closet in my house and finding awesome clothes I forgot I had or never knew I had! The plaid skirt, red tights and fur jacket were all pulled enthusiastically from the depths of my closet. I'm pretty excited about these shots, its the first time i've taken a tripod and fancy schmancy outfit to an outside spot. in this case, the ravine down the street.




High Waisted

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

vice shoot 0

vice shoot 1

vice shoot 4

vice shoot 2

This editorial is two years old (from VICE magazines 2008 fashion issue) but I think the new age, space aesthetic is espcially relevant this season. The collage work was done by Tara Sinn, an artist based in New York specializing in collage, animation and website design...inspiring as I'll be spending the rest of this blistering afternoon reading up on website design turtorials. I'm really looking forward to putting a new layout up but HTML codes give me the worst headache!


Pulling All The Stops

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Picture 182
(vogue 1992)

remember when i did a "goth" inspired post in october? this is my december take on nineties fashion wearing second hand combat boots, wooly socks, a floral skirt, a nirvana concert tee and a heavy knit cardigan. I was inspired to throw this outfit together after attending a 90's dance party last night in toronto which was super fun! If any of you are in Toronto, look up this event thrown by a group called Good Kids at club neutral in kensington market. Go and you just might feel like angela chase at a fleetwood mac show wearing plaid and wondering why jordan catalano wont look at you!!!




and heres a video i watch over and over...Elliot Smith singing Biggest Lie with Rose Melberg from The Softies - she's so young and sweet in this video :)


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