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Friday, December 16, 2011




Lots have happened since my last post...I moved back to my hometown Toronto, got a bartending job, started an internship at WORN fashion journal, turned 22, experienced heartbreak, fell off my bike, picked up some ice skates...

Now that the waters have settled and the temperatures are dropping, I feel inspired to get posting again. I'm more obsessed with clothes than ever before - Working for WORN has made me more thoughtful about fashion - the politics, history, personal stories, subcultures, ideas and contexts behind what we wear.

I wore the above outfit to work (who says bartenders have to look slutty?) I love my bar - every shift is an opportunity to play dress up and try new things. But more on that later!!!

(belt, local 23 vintage. skirt, shoes and coat, second hand. bodysuit, american apparel) pictures by mike morris


Hello! You're My Very Special One

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

jenny by yuli

jenny yuli 3

Last Wednesday I got together with Yuli Sato to take photos for her etsy shop Digest and Curtsy. She's a miracle worker. I was sad and super distracted that day and was worried the photos weren't going to turn out - but a good photographer takes all the work out of it! I'm so happy with how they turned out, especially the first one. Thanks Yuli xx

Now I'm off to pick up my new reading glasses. Have a good one :)


today i'll be happier than a bird with a french fry

Monday, August 1, 2011

Anne Emond Comiques

Nathaniel Russel poster

Chance Co promo photos

In April I watched a series of peaceful minute long films made by CHANCE to promote the summer collection, and I immediatly thought "thats the kind of summer I want to have". A summer of tranquil moments, reading, and lots of nature. I have one month left in Montreal, some great books to read, beaches to discover, parks to lie in, and four little videos to watch for inspiration. So what do I want to do today? Everything and nothing.


(Love Is Like A) Heatwave

Thursday, July 28, 2011


In the winter I was on a mission to find Revlons new shade Orange Flip but it hasn't come to Canada yet. On my last trip home, I found it within seconds on a trip to the States with my dad and I couldn't be happier. It's texture is not as good as NARS Heat Wave (my standby lipstick and true make up love forever) but the color is pretty damn close. And at $6.99 for a tube for Revlon, I'll probably never purchase NARS heat wave again.


Courage My Love, Will Make Me Bolder

Tuesday, July 26, 2011





Vintage Levis, Top and Bow Hair Pin: Salvation Army in Buffalo NY. Shoes: Zara, thrifted Lipstick: Revlon, Orange Flip

I've been living in these Levis for the past week and they are the first pair of jeans I've ever "worked in". They started out a bit snug but I wore them anyways through this weeks wonderful adventures - a heat wave, riding on a motorcycle, eating and drinking in the park and dancing through the largest downpour of my life. This top, well, I love it to bits but I haven't worn it out of the house yet - the teeny little number!

I found a quote this week on things about love that instantly guided me to embrace the kind of summer I want to have - one where I can be alone but not lonely. Where I can be social without basing my happiness, identity and self worth on the relationships around me...its something i've done all my life. And most important, I want to follow my heart and do what I want to do.



Montreal's Finest: The Wheel Club

Wednesday, July 20, 2011








I've been to the Wheel Club three times now and each time I go, I want to hug the place and it's people for existing. It's a country club that opens it's doors every Monday for Hillbilly Night. I love the line dancing, the music, the beer in iced buckets, the $2 chip bowls and the fact that I am enjoying these things alongside my friends, and people twice, and three times my age. This Monday was special because Shauna went on stage to sing and I am so proud of her for going up!!

This past Monday was also interesting because I'm trying to talk to people more. To drop the anxiety around approaching people and simply say "Hi, how's your night going?" So basic but I never to do it! I used to wait for a really obvious opening line, to be introduced, for something interesting to say but I'm beginning to realize that young and old, people just want to be talked to and listened to and there is something so human about making even the simplest and briefest of connections.


Happy Sad Movies and Yuli

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Admiring Emilias autoharp skills
WIne legs and lips
My convincing and well captured cartwheel

Yuli Sato took these pictures while we were all sitting in the park drinking wine. I’ve admired her photos from afar for the past year (you should check them out) and I adore these candid shots she captured! I took them all from her blog!! I will be creating my own content soon I promise!

I watched the most incredible film, “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” about Jean Dominique Bauby, the French editor of Elle, who had a rare stroke which paralyzed him almost totally except for the ability to blink with his right eye. Which is what he used to communicate - and write a memoir, letter by letter.

Here are some stills

Picture 6

Picture 9

Picture 7



Monday, June 27, 2011



Photos taken by Sarah of Cheap Opulance and Lara from Citizen Vintage

I hopped over to the Citizen Vintage shop the other night to celebrate Izzy's birthday! I met these girls by modeling for their etsy shops in the winter and have come to really care about these lovely ladies. Cameras were flying everywhere, I got to meet Tara-Lynn who I've inter-loved for the past year, and I was in the presence of macaroons. I'd say the macaroons made this a "blogger meet up" but it felt more like hanging out with friends.

I'm wearing my collar made by Izzy with a gaudy pearl necklace underneath, an H and M crop top, vintage slacks, a poncho thing I found in the garbage and thrifted zara heels.


The Breaking Point

Monday, June 13, 2011

On Thursday I gave my notice at work so I can enjoy my last summer in Montreal before making a big move to Toronto. I'm glad I've been a cook for the last five months but I'm dying to paint my nails again and wear jewelry and lazily bask in the sun. I'll be in the kitchen for another few weeks so I'm focusing on doing happy things until then - today it includes streaming a hilarious satirical comedy about summer camp (with Amy Poeler! here) and dancing around my messy apartment in my underwear and new shoes (5 dolla).


Silver Streak

Sunday, June 12, 2011


At the beginning of summer I died a silver streak into the front of my hair that has now faded to a greenish blonde. Next I plan to dye it blue. At times I feel it doesn't suit me, so I part my hair in such a way that it doesn't show. But in other moments, when I'm out and getting rowdy or drunk, dancing perhaps,mingling you could say, I'll flip my front part to the left and let the streak take the stage. If you are in Montreal I highly recommend Salon Identite, where I hands down, recieved the most amazing cut of my life. AND It's a cozy, political, queer positive space, run by two of the best hair stylists in the city. You can read more about it here.



The cut was inspired by Jane Belfry's video on Style Like U and here were some inspiration photos I showed Julie before the cut

Picture 26

Picture 29

Picture 28

Picture 21

Picture 18

**References available upon request (AKA I forget where all these images come from. One is a Chanel model, some i got when i typed Silver Streak into google, and the last two are from Style Like U)


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