I've been missing you

Friday, February 27, 2009

Its me, er, five months later! I've been missing the poor bloggy. (They became tres uncool for a moment there.) Kidding, kidding.
I still check my favorites. Every day. Without fail. (Sometimes I fall into a black rage when my favorite ladies don't post for days.) I wonder when they will return. i toss and turn at night. I throw my laptop around. Its really bad.

CREAM OF THE CROP BLOGS (In my humble opinion)


Aint she just the cutest? Chrstina is a legit blogger. Shes in San Fran right now on vacation and has pumped out three posts. This girl is serious. And her theme music is the instrumental theme from Edwards Scissor Hands. (Spooky and Amazing)


Siri has been pretty consistent. She blogs like three times a week, although I check every day anyways. Bad habits die hard. Nothing has really changed - except she swear a lot more, some would say she has gotten a tad vulgar. But it just makes reading even better. And what else? Her boyfriends band hit it big last month. WATCH OUT!!!!!


Camille is very serious. I love her blog. its a treat. Although, I feel like she would be a bit of a bore in real life - like...someone who doesn't laugh at jokes, just stares. HER CLOTHES ARE SO PRETTY THOUGH.


Hayley is my best friend. I check her blog every day. And she has nice legs.

Fuck, now I remember why I don't post. That took forever!


christina d said...

oh my goodness! i didn't know jenny morris was reading my blog! what an honor!
we need to go hunting for treasures at VV one day soon when it gets warmer

we saved latin said...

jenny morris
you are the most precious thing in my life.

i've been waiting for you to come baaack.

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