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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Guuuuys! This past week has been so hard.
I produced 31 pages of academia in 7 days.
No big deal.
Anyways, enough talk about school.

This week Sarah and I launched our magazine! We have been working on it since January. It's turned out to be a smutty, sex positive, queer positive, radical, perverse collection of Concordia student art, poetry, short stories, photographs etc.
The launch party was at Il Motore and the whole night was a freakin blast from beginning to end.
This is what I wore:

Dress: Borrowed from Becky (purchased at H and M in October) Thanks Becky!!
Shoes: Payless
Tight: American Apparel (bought them last week - they have already shredded to bits, the damn things)

When I saw the finished product, I said, "Oh my god. I feel like I just gave birth!" Not that I would know. I'm being metaphorical. Obviously. I had so much fun working on it with Sarah. It was one of the best experiences I've ever had! I will post pictures of the artwork soon!


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