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Saturday, February 18, 2012


Something crazy happened to me.

First, to tell this story, I have to admit that I have an OKCupid account. I made it in September when I moved back to Toronto, and until a week ago, it sat pretty idly. Then I got a message that was very exciting. An incredibly gorgeous guy (my age, jewish, tall) messaged me. We quickly found a regional similarity - we both grew up in North York. A message later, and it turned out, all our lives, we have lived on the same street. The street my parents still live on and will be selling in a few months. I got excited. Retold the story about 15 times to the regulars at my bar when they asked me how I was doing, what's new?

We arranged to meet for a walk down the wintry ravine at the end of the street. My mom curled my hair. I packed 4 beer. We looked at photo albums of me and the boy in junior kindergarten. She told me she knows his dog. And his mom. A very nice woman.

We went on the date, talked a lot. Was there a spark? I'm not sure. He said "We should do this again" I said I'd love to.

So far, I haven't gotten a call. The hopeless romantic in me may love the story of how we met, more than the guy himself.

Oh, but did I mention...We met on Valentines Day.


Liv said...

Hhhmm, I met my boyfriend on Valentine's Day too... though it took 2 years and change of me crushing madly before we started dating. Um, that didn't sound very encouraging, did it? But we've been together for over 6 years. Mad crush fully intact and luckily requited!
In other news, I'm crap at giving advice.

Lija said...

So cute!
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softspoken said...

it is a perfect story. i don't know how he could resist a second date with a lovely such as yourself. it took a while for spark to build between me and my man, tho i'm ever so happy it finally clicked that one night. now i feel so badly when i think on how i made him chase after me so.

Anonymous said...

why not call him? stop waiting!

crew duluth said...

Jenny, I used your photos of rock camp for girls on gotgingham hope you're ok with that. Dig your blog, Jonathan

Karina Cifuentes said...

This reminds me of a story I read in the NY Times, they're Modern Love column. You know, sometimes you don't have an immediate spark...but it can end up working over time and being the best thing ever. Maybe he's a little nervous? Here's the article, too:

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Anonymous said...

so what happened?! have you heard from him since??

Georgia Rose said...

Jenny, I desperately want an update on this please!

Vanity of Vanities said...

That's a great story, eh. Hope you are meant to be. Looking forward for an update.:)

Take care,
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