So Hip It Hurts

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dear AJ and Dan,

Yesterday, I told you I would make you famous. And you laughed and thought I was joking! Wellll...

Check out this website:
Each week, they profile a blog that is painfully...devastatingly...horrifically (!) hip. All you have to do is send the link of your blog to

If selected, your blog will recieve hundreds of hits each day.

I feel you boys are worthy. So I'm letting you know about this site. In the mean time, I personally deam you, The most painfully hip site of life.

Dan:Check out there blog:
Its more addicitve then the do's and dont's in Vice. And they are definitely a do. (I think the pictures speak to themselves.) They are intensly charismatic, mad stylish and hilarious together.
So much love!


aj. / daniel. said...

jenny, you are too hot for words.

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