Friday, September 4, 2009

In my experience transitions to a new city/moving into an apartment, usually come paired with many unwanted suprises. Suprises that make you want to curl into the fetal position and cry out "WHY IS EVERYTHING GOING WRONG!" But so far, my move back has been peachy. Little stress, which is unusual for me, since I am a worrier. My only problem is technology. Specifically setting up my internet (uuuuuhhh) and dealing with the faulty blackberry i bought on craigslist (i want my money back!). Thankfully my brother is here to help the technologically inept.
My digital camera also broke the day before i left for rock camp and I'm worried my blog will suffer for it. I bought a broken black berry when I really could have used a camera. Yesterday my brother and I went the Fripe Prix to find a simple battery operated point and shoot and he found me something like this for $4poiny and shoot
I'm thinking of using this (if it even works) and getting the film developed for the blog, My brother helped set up my printer or scanner, which I am really happy with. He did some test runs using his old manipulated polaroids of my family in the 60's. see below:
Purple Car_0002Purple Car_0001Purple Car
My dad used to have a purple car. Anyways, I yearn for the days when technology was simpler. I have had the worst luck with cell phones and just dont want one anymore. Id like a landline. Internet I love, but Bell Sympatico should die.


Brendan Jeffery said...

Haha Yes Bell should die!!
Yo, re-reading your posts from when you were getting moved in, why didn't you mention P'tit Plateau?

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