Bitchin Kitchen: Seafoam Edition

Saturday, July 31, 2010

The day has come my friends! I have finally found an apartment to live in. The whole shelter thang has had me so freaked out and I am relieved to have it behind me. The very manic "But without shelter how will I live!?" part of my brain has turned off and gone vacation. Now a new, more inspired part of my brain is buzzing: home inspiration! First stop: The kitchen.

Picture 15Holly Abston's FlickrPicture 16
Elizabeth Anne Designs
Picture 17
Coastal Living
Picture 18
Pioneer Woman


Anonymous said...

Dear Jenny,

I love sea foam so much! Good choice. I have it in my bathroom and love it.


Jenny said...

Why thank you! Turns out I can't paint in my new place :( but I recently bought some of that sticker wallpaper in a simple cottagy print, which might be cute. Not seafoam though. How was your Nightwood summer tour? A success, I'm sure!

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