But Then I Got High

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Today I'm listening to pop music, wearing all white and prancing around my apartment. I was gonna go for a quick workout today but then I watched this TED talk about slowing down and it inspired me to just lounge around instead. Sometimes doing nothing is the best thing.





I've had this plant for two and a half years! This is an unbelievable fact, as I'm very neglectful when it comes to homey things like plants. But it won't die! I've gone weeks without watering it and I swear it gets greener. Below it, I've "curated" a few of my favorite images in an old window frame. Its filled with 2 postcards - one of which came with my "Thunder in Our Hearts" tote bag) Below is a photo of my mom taken by my brother Michael Morris and at the very bottom is an image that I got from a poster for The Void Magazine at school taken by Yuli Sato.



Pants: Mom Capris, from clothing swap
Hands - looking mighty ragged from kitchen work.
Top: Thrifted


Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

Only you can wear all white and really look like a movie star!

Hmmm, I had a cactus once that lasted for ages, but then my dad knocked it out the window and that was kind of the end of it... sad but true. ; )

sojourned in style said...

you have such a charming apartment complete with memorable items. all white on you is a terrific colour on you. it really is better to chill out and practice the fine art of doing nothing.

Rosy (of Raindrops on Rosy) said...

looooooooooooove your new banner and your all white chic outfit;) beautiful!

ximie said...

you look wonderful, love your room! xox

Amber Blue Bird said...

loving this all white outfit. I am such a klutz, if I wore this I would most definitely spill something on myself. I wish I could find a plant that could last without having to be watered, I have the worst luck with plants

Georgia Rose said...

Your hair is the best thing ever, I envy it so much. Also your lovely apartment is giving me moving-out-of-home lust!

Also is there any chance you could change the link in your sidebar to our new URL, instead of Velvet Bitchez? We used to get tonnes of hits from your blog (thank you!!) but since we changed to The Velvettes our readership has dropped so much.

Yuli Sato said...

haha aw that's so funny that you have my photo up : ) : ) we still need to meet up! I was talking to Jenni about doing something all together!

Laurel said...

I love your mom capris and affinity for lounging. Lovely photos, too!

iris loves said...

I have saved the video, will watch it when I'll have some time for it. :)


Stéphanie Bingham said...

Loved the TED talk. Great timing!

Monique said...

Your apartment is quite lovely. I really want to paint mine white. Ahh what I'd do for a resilient plant. Lovely photograph of your mom and sweet vintage top.

Aya said...

Love the outfit! It looks so relaxing! xoxo


Anonymous said...

I love your blog! Those pothos last forever! They are great they need very little light too! I have had some for years! You blog title is hilarious. Were you listening to Afroman? I am going to add you bc I love your writing style and fashion sense.


Vanessa said...

Love this outfit! Finally it's time to wear white again :)

Sophi said...

You WOULD look like a sexy beast lounging around your apartment. I gotta try that all white thing. Hell, I don't even own any white bottoms... I should get on that.

Anyway, you look amazing, and your apartment is impeccably decorated.


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