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Tuesday, July 26, 2011





Vintage Levis, Top and Bow Hair Pin: Salvation Army in Buffalo NY. Shoes: Zara, thrifted Lipstick: Revlon, Orange Flip

I've been living in these Levis for the past week and they are the first pair of jeans I've ever "worked in". They started out a bit snug but I wore them anyways through this weeks wonderful adventures - a heat wave, riding on a motorcycle, eating and drinking in the park and dancing through the largest downpour of my life. This top, well, I love it to bits but I haven't worn it out of the house yet - the teeny little number!

I found a quote this week on things about love that instantly guided me to embrace the kind of summer I want to have - one where I can be alone but not lonely. Where I can be social without basing my happiness, identity and self worth on the relationships around me...its something i've done all my life. And most important, I want to follow my heart and do what I want to do.



Amber Blue Bird said...

that quote really resonated with me, I hope I can have a summer where I can embrace alone time too.

Anonymous said...


Ashley/ MILK TEETHS said...

I've seen that quote before and I agree, it really does make you stop and think about what's important :)

sojourned in style said...

what shorts! I've been meaning to get levi's for a while. the croped bustier top is marvelous with it. that quote, I vow to memorize. I like its take on being alone but not a hermit or "anti-social." And my favourite part is saying no when you don't want do something.

Lesley said...

you look stunning! i love that little top. you look fabulous, so i totally support wearing it out of the house!

i have a pair of levi's just like that. a $5 find at the goodwill, and they can't be beat.

i'm glad that we're both posting again after some summer time off. :)

mestizay said...

I would totally wear this on a picnic.the tight halter and Levis shorts look great together!

josh mcintyre said...
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