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Wednesday, July 20, 2011








I've been to the Wheel Club three times now and each time I go, I want to hug the place and it's people for existing. It's a country club that opens it's doors every Monday for Hillbilly Night. I love the line dancing, the music, the beer in iced buckets, the $2 chip bowls and the fact that I am enjoying these things alongside my friends, and people twice, and three times my age. This Monday was special because Shauna went on stage to sing and I am so proud of her for going up!!

This past Monday was also interesting because I'm trying to talk to people more. To drop the anxiety around approaching people and simply say "Hi, how's your night going?" So basic but I never to do it! I used to wait for a really obvious opening line, to be introduced, for something interesting to say but I'm beginning to realize that young and old, people just want to be talked to and listened to and there is something so human about making even the simplest and briefest of connections.


sojourned in style said...

I have that same issue of simply approaching people, I always prefer being approached. I need to get over this anxiety too. this looks like incredible fun, no fuss just a good time, regardless of age.

Amber Blue Bird said...

this looks like a rad place. I wish I could find something similar in my town. Props to you for being more outgoing, that is something that I struggle with as well.

dahhlayne said...

I totally understand about how we'd rather be approached. Leaves us less work to do, I guess. haha But there's just something different about taking the initiative to talk to someone, you know? Goodness, I too would be having a blast at this place. I'm giggling at the little pretzel stick fort you got here.

C Duffy said...

The Wheel Club! fantastic place! great entry and I agree people like to listen n' to be heard ~ . stay cool, the trick to saying hello is hey there, what's happening... it's actually a form of music.

Shauna said...

You really got some great pictures from the other night! Thanks again for the encouragement to go up and sing, it was a great last hurrah with you at the wheel club. Sad to think it might be our last!! Great post!

Jenny Morris said...

Thanks for the comments! I feel like I'm gonna have to keep reminding myself to do this until it becomes second nature!!

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