But Everything Has A Downside Right?

Friday, June 27, 2008

So, I’m pretty sure I got this blog purely to showcase how amazing buy the pound is, but I will warn you: It’s easy to come home with a lot of shit you will never wear or use. Half of my things have ended up in garbage outside my door.

On a recent visit, I walked away with five dresses that I have not worn yet. None fit quite right. And they have been washed but my room smells like a thrift store every time I walk in.
But I am not going to give up on them. My sewing machine is in Montreal and once I get back I will cut and fold and sew and embellish until they are perfect.

This dress is most my style but even it needs a lit of work. Without the bottom hemmed it looks like a nurse uniform. And I cant go for that, nooooo. No can do.


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