Happy Times

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I went out last night with my dear friends - Sam, Morgan, Lauren and Gavin. We hung out at Sam and Morgans beautiful new home in the annex until midnight. They are such amazing company and I was feeling rather dandy! We ventured out to a DJ event at shared loft and paid ten dollars to get a messy heart drawn on our hands with a black sharpy. I could have done that myself for free. We walked up the stairs and into the club only to find that it was the lamest. scene. ever. But that was not enough to put a damper on our night. We crossed the street and went to an amazingly grimy bar on Queen West, where we took more shots and joyfully danced around the jukebox in the corner. We finally ventured back to shared loft to see if it had gotten better. Then a cloud hung over my happy times after I made a series of silly judgment calls. What can you do? I love the friends that I went out with and all in all it was a pretty good night.


we saved latin said...

i'm jealous of all your wonderful hangouts.

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