I'm Drooling Over This Dress

Friday, June 27, 2008

I got this beauty at Buy the Pound.
Buy the Pound is a haven for vintage lovers on a budget.
Its a huge vintage warehouse filled with gigantic bins full of clothes, shoes, picture frames, bedsheets, roller skates, old records, the teddy bear your brother used to love when he was little, records, books, teacups, sticky unknown substances and so much more!
This place takes me an hour an a half to get to, but its worth it.
The best part is, that this dress probably cost me about a quarter. They weigh the clothes and for every pound its a dollar. Because this fabric is so thin, it costs practically nothing.
And such pretty fabric it is!
This is the back:

The details! The color! The fit! The fabric! Made in Paris!
If you want to go shopping this summer read this article for info on how to get there/what to expect:


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