Charlotte is the shit

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

This is my good friend Charlotte Cornfield. Aint she preeetty?
Charlotte also happens to be one of my favorite folk artists.
If you've never heard of her, I'd say you're in for a treat.

I went to her show last night at a bar on Queen West and it was wonderful to see her perform. Her music is catchy and honest and her gentle lyrics have the ability to capture a feeling in me that I can't quite place. A mixture of being young and sad and happy at the same time. A mixture of having my hand held, kissing a snow flake off someones cheek, drunkenly running around a fountain for no reason.
She played a song last night called Kipling Bus, about the ideas that drift into your head when your dreaming at the bus stop. I would die if I could get a copy of the lyrics, they are so beautiful.

As my friend Luisa described, "At her best moments, there’s something of Mirah in her: the ability to casually drop a line that makes you at once giggle and shake your head sadly."

Last I heard. her new EP "It's Like That Here" is available on Itunes.
But if not, you can get a taste of it from her myspace:

Luisa wrote an amazing review of her CD for Streethawk.

P.S. Can someone PLEASE tell me when Luisa is coming to Toronto!? because this blog is slowly becoming about her and she doesn't even know it! Teehehe


we saved latin said...

i am so jealous you saw charlotte.
she's amazing. as are you.


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