The Princess and the Goblin

Friday, May 2, 2008

My boyfriend made a really scary face last night and I was like: "AHH! Who do you look like!?" He had to hold the pose for a while until I shouted out:
"Oh my God. You look like the Goblins from The Princess and the Goblins."

Im STILL scared of that movie. I got it at Mc Donalds in a Happy Meal back in the days when McDonalds still made those amazing little pizzas. Its about a princess in a castle who follows a magical string into a cave full of Goblins. The Goblins want to shread her and her family to pieces. But they are terrified of singing. And the little mining boy sings this song throughout the whole movie to save the princess:

We watched this video after he made the face TWICE and it tripped us out so much! My parents are driving up to Montreal this weekend to help me move into my new apartment and I kind of want them to bring The Princess and the Goblin. Has anyone seen this movie!?


christina d said...

i totally forgot that this movie even existed. possibly because it is THE scariest childhood film i've ever had to watch.
it gives you the weirdest feeling in your stomach while watching it too. i can't even explain it. i don't know if this happened to you as a child, but i felt it while reading your post all over again :(

ps: i also own this movie. if you would like, you can have it because i don't think i'll ever watch this movie again.

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