The Mile End

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

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I love the neighborhood that I live in. So much in fact, that I wrote it a poem,

A Love Letter to the Mile End

I love you for the incredible sales at my grocery store.
I love the Parc bus for coming every ten minutes.
I love that I rarely have to stray far from the area when I party. But when I do, your magical bus will zip me off to wherever I need to go.
I love eating your Fairmount bagels with Steph after a drunken night.
I equally love your breakfast joints the next morning.
I love the walk up Waverly Street to get to the gym.
I love seeing all the people sitting on the smoky patio of The Social when the weather is warmer. I secretly love saying your name out loud.
I love that my Depaneur is called Beer Paradise, though I wish the staff liked me more and sold Pabst Blue Ribbon.
I love the cafes. Especially the one where I get my ground Espresso.
I love that you house lots of cute boys.
I love you rain or shine (though I prefer you in the warmer months)
There is nowhere else I would rather be,
But in you,
Cause your so sexy.


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