Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring is an electrifying time in the city. I find it incredibly distracting. I've been thinking a lot about the summer - last years was a bit of a bust. But this year I'm going in prepared. Four months is a long time...I want them to be incredible! I've collected a few images that inspire.

I'll be taking four classes at U of T this summer!


Teaching myself to sew dresses from scratch

Volunteering at the U of T Farmers Market!

Finding the perfect record player and starting a record collection

Seeing lots of great plays and working as an usher.

I also want to swim a lot, play outside, pool hop, dance and get freckles!! And most importantly meet lots of new people, hang out with my brother, my mom and the handful of friends in TO who have a death grip around my heart for realz.

I just want to add...this is a conversation i had with AJ about our summer plans on facebook chats today.


samantha said...

ah i wanna teach myself to sew and bike everywhere and find a record player and see plays and pool hop and dance. this summer will not be a bust i swear.

Jenny said...

Is this Sam Dewald?
Or Sam Young?
Or a whole new, wickedly amazing, Sam?

(All of the above would be amazing!)

POSIJOSH said...

Summer resolutions! You are stepping up the summer game... I have no idea what I'm doing yet. Props.

Subversions said...

Josh - you, of all people, can get away with it.
I, on the other hand, am a creature-human-who-thrives-on-routine-and-dies-without-it.

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