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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gavin, Sam and I set up shop on the steps of St Michael's Church, spreading lox and cream cheese on our freshly purchased Fairmount Bagels. Mine had an unusual name: THE POWER BAGEL. Eating on the steps reminded us of Gossip Girl - the way Blair and Serena lunch on the steps of the Met. SPEAKING OF GOSSIP GIRL: I have been waiting a month for a new episode. And what to they give me? The season fucking finale. Thank you. I waited a month for ONE WHOLE EPISODE.
This is the actual church (in the Mile end on the corner of St Urbain and St Viateur)

I'm really wired right now - I need to stop blogging at night - I'm never going to fall asleep! Exclamation! Points!


christina d said...

WHAT? you watched it already???? and it's the season finale? i'm so confused. what am i going to do for the rest of the semester without gossip girl?

jenny said...

Next episode: March 16...I hear its the season finale but god, i hope I'm wrong.
However, there is a new show I'm getting into called Pushing Daisies which is almost as enjoyable. I will post about it soon!

we saved latin said...

i love pushing daisies!
also: the information on our television reads that the 'gang' (hah) find similarities between themselves and the characters in their school play.
god, i hope they don't do something TOO exciting for the finale!

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