Saturday, March 21, 2009

This post is inspired by an email my mom sent me this morning.
But before you read that, I need to provide some back story.

My cat Oliver passed away a few weeks ago. This was Oliver on New Years (He didn't die of a drug overdose - I swear! - but of old age and illness.

My mom was shattered by the loss. Her email was about breaking the news of Oliver to our six year old neighbors.

"Our little girl neighbors Abby and Jamie came to visit Oliver and Marcelle earlier today and I had to break the news of Oliver's passing - they were so moved by this that they came back after about 15 min. to offer to "clean my house" for me as a gesture of kindness - I gave them legitimate jobs to do - the banister - the low dresser in our room - the laundry room - and Evan also helped although he got carried out kicking and screaming by his Mom because they had to go for Shabbat dinner - children are our gifts from God -"

HAHAHAHA! My god, Joyce Morris you are the cutest.
In honor of you, here are some youtube videos about children. There funny I promise...


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