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Sunday, July 19, 2009

i was chillin' in the waiting room of my dentists office, when I came across this image in a magazine. i loved it, so naturally, i ripped it out. (i hope i'm not the only person who does this!) At the time, i was planning a trip to montreal to find a single apartment in the mile end. But the whole thing was provoking an anxiety that would keep me awake at night. i have spent a few too many nights this summer weeding through the craigslist classifieds.

But luckily I found a really cute semi basement apartment on craigslist in the most perfect location EVER. Groll Street! If you find yourself in Montreal's mile end, buy a bagel (from fairmount preferably), a small dog, a beret perhaps, and take a stroll down this little cobblestone, car-free, garden-y street.

My landlord is a funny jewish woman from israel. i didnt have to go to montreal to sign the lease, we did it through the mail. she told me she trusted me because i was a jewish girl. my landlord is worried that i will have sex before marriage, get drunk, smoke cigarettes, and party. i decided to be honest and tell her that all of these things would probably happen. she said she would still rent to me because i seemed nice.

here are some photos of the apartment

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketThis last photo is from spacing montreal.

the person who posted it wrote, "At the corner of Groll and Waverly in Mile End, somebody has painted all of the street furniture — mailbox, planters, hydro poles, fire hydrant — baby blue. I have no idea why." this quirky touch of blue is one of the many things i love about the area.


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