Lady Corset

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ill admit: I've being wearing the same outfit all summer - a black high waisted skirt, and a corset i found in the lingerie section of value village for six bucks. But most nights I try to throw in some variations - black tights instead of bare legs, a jean jacket or a draped scarf on top, pair it with a tight skirt, the next night a loose skirt...but you know its gotten bad when your brother accuses you of wearing the same outfit two nights in a row - "yeah," said "but with different people!" (caught.) And the wiring has taken on a life of its own. mad pointy boobs.

Sass of Zucket has shot a few pictures of me, on different nights...(all of the following photos belong to her fabulous website)

(Sass/Joey is the lil' cutie in the left of this photo)


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