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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nightlife Magazine is a free mag that comes out once a week covering cultural type events in the city. It's got a street style section, and Hannah was featured this week! Which means Hannah was here!! And from what I can make out, I think this picture was snapped in my neighborhood. This excites me!

Today I ran after a lovely girl to ask her where her tights came from and after a few second she was like "Wait, do you have a website?" We bonded. We laughed. We cried. No, but seriously, that was a great moment and it made my day :) I just wish I wasn't such a shit when it comes to names. Could you comment and tell me it again??


Aya said...

I love the outfit in the photo! So cute! I'm glad you made a friend out of randomly asking her about her tights :) xoxo!

Amber Blue Bird said...

Hannah looks so cute, but then she always does. How fun that your site got recognized by a stranger with a great sense of tights! That would make my day

hannah and landon said...

whoa! I didn't think anybody would see this! I'm wearing my pajamas underneath my coat, hehe (plus three layers of socks). MONTREAL IS CRAZY COLD! My brother lives there and he took us to a delicious little cafe right around the corner. Next time I'm in town I'll let you know and we can bump into eachother :D.


Awe man! Hannah you should come back when Tara-Lynn moves in the Summer and have a tea party!

sojourned in style said...

she looks terrifically stylish. the mixing composition of this piece is incredible. love the silk scarf and the coat is just stunning!

SMASH said...

You and Hannah are definitely some of my favorite Canucks. And how awesome that someone recognized you from the interwebs! It's never happened to me (unless you count random skater guys who recognize me, which is weird/cool) but I do I hope I'd make a good impression in real life too :)


hayley b. said...

i love your blog
and you seem like a really cool girl!

wanna be friends?

Erika said...

Hi Jenny!
It's me! Tights girl! Also known as Erika

I'm so honored you mentioned our meeting on your blog, 'cause it totally made my day too!
I forgot to mention that the tights were from the Winners on St. Catherine's.

I checked out the Citizen Vintage sale today and picked up some great shoes. Hope you found something too.

I hope to run into you again!

Jenny Morris said...

ERIKA! Thats what i thought! It was either that or Olivia. Wahoo! See you on the streets soon laday.

Georgia Rose said...

That is so cute that you were recognised! What a celeb.

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

Haha, only Hannah could get street-style photographed in her pyjamas! And recognized from your blog... wow!

Sophi said...

Wow, getting recognized must be so cool! Way to go :D

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