Pizza and Sexy Girls

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I'm now a working woman! I got a job making appetizers at a lovely pizzeria in the Mile End called Magpie. It's really my kind of place. If someone took me on a date there, I'd totally go to first base with them. So I'm trying really hard to be a good worker and be myself at the same time. The training period has been difficult and its taken all my energy to adjust to the hours (no time for blogging!) but such is life.

lickety work

Onto sexy girls! These images are from Lickety Split, a sex positive smut zine that cumz out of Montreal (I mentioned it here too) The shoot above is from "The Work Issue" and took place in the editors home with some sexxxy pals I've met through the publication.

So what is this awesome zine? Well! Its for perverts and soccer moms, drag queens and artists, homos and homo cops..anyone who gets a kick out of content that's diverse, creative, artistic, political, thought provoking and saucy! The Work Issue is really fun. And I'm in it! Though you'll have to pick up the zine on etsy to see for yo'self.

lickety work_0001

lickety work_0002

lickety work_0003

*Thank you to all the models for giving me permission to post these :)


sojourned in style said...

this makes complete sense now, when you mentioned it before ;) love the playful cheekiness and the sense of real fun all dosed with a cup of vintage! love

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

Hey! Looks like fun, this magazine. And, in response to your comment from a few days ago (sorry), I think it's really great that you're continuing to feature the less "typical blogger" sides of yourself here on the blog. It's important not to let this world become as cookie cutter as the real world wants us to be. Oh, and I'm with you on fighting consumerism... well, basically I just completely agreed with your comment. : )

Oh, and congrats on the job!

Amber Blue Bird said...

congrats on the job! these photos are indeed saucy, who knew you could have so much fun with a hairbrush?

Liv said...

Congratulations! I've been meaning to check out Magpie, I heard the pizza's awesome. And I loved me a good pizza. I also loves me some good smut, so I'll definitely check out that zine!xx

Flopy said...

Funny pictures!! They have probaly had a great time taking these pictures :)

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