Classy Joicey

Sunday, August 30, 2009

My mom is a classy broad/hidden party animal.


This weekend she taught me...

1) if you dont have a lighter and are hesistant to ask that sketchy, old, lecherous man on the corner for a light, hop into a dep (or the corner store if yous in Toronto) buy yerslef a snack and ask for a pack of matches. The matches come to a total of 5 cents and with it, you are guaranteed a scowl from the person behind the counter, angry at your insight.
2) When in the SAQ (or LCBO if yous in Toronto), go straight to the wines from Italy, California, Argentina. Look for a merlot, or cabernet sauvignon and dont pay more than 12 bucks. Examine the color to the light - look for rich reds!
3) Put your plant by the light and dont be afraid to give it a haircut.


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