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Thursday, August 13, 2009

When I asked my dad if he would take me shopping on our trip he said "Jenny. This trip is about art, architecture, adventure and beauty. Maybe you can shop on the way home." We ended up fulfilling the mantra quite nicely on our vacation, and yes, I still got a bit of shopping in - 5 minutes at a Goodwill, and 20 minutes at the Target.

flw 6
the most breathtaking view
flw 3
at falling water
flw 4
my family quirk
flw 7

this is where we stayed.

I really love the pictures my brother took on the vacation. The new blog header is a photo that was taken by my brother on the trip. We are inside the mattress factory, an installation art gallery in Pittsburgh. That night we tucked into our frank lloyd wright house and popped a bottle of champagne. We made a toast to the architect. "Follow Frank, he will take you to the most beautiful places".


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