Paper Heart

Monday, August 10, 2009

I saw Paper Heart last night with Gavin and Sam...the movie was funny, heart felt, and quirky. I've been thinking about love and romance and relationships all day. One woman interviewed in the movie said that when she was falling in love, "even the leaves looked greener and brighter." She also told us that she was such a knock out (back in her day) that when she took out a cigarette 15 guys came to light it. I thought that was pretty awesome. You know you're hot when...(Anyways, do guys still look to do this? They should, its sexy.) I also watched The Bridges of Madison County over the weekend. Quirky? Not so much. But passionate? thought provoking? intelligent? Meryl Streepy? Very much, yes.
paper heart
Post Script: I did more back to school shopping today at Value Village and found these brand new quilted slippers that I was really excited about...But when I came out of the change room they were GONE! Someone stole them! It was so upsetting. The NERVE! Fuckers.


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