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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Big thanks to Milk Teeths for the style award nomination! I am new to these incredibly sweet (and validating!) gestures and from one of my favorite bloggers, too? Aw, shucks. :) xx

A few days ago, I took some shots of my favorite little cozy things - the ones that have found a strange but secure place in my sentimental heart. Oddly enough, 4/5 were found objects.


A pin of my mom in the 70's? 80's? with her two sisters Carol and Wendy.


My little lady harmonica necklace passed down from my mom's drawer.


Winnie the poo in a snow suit


The freaky clowns that I got for a photoshop project but then fell oddly in love with.


And finally, this little wood squirrel that I found hanging on a hook when I moved into my apartment! It belongs to my friend Kensey who gave me her apartment* and I realized the day I took this picture that it was actually the prize for a giveaway Kensey won on Hannah and Landon - here! Kensey! I sent mat off to your wonderful province with a package to give you. I'll send another out soon...your little squirrel is coming home!

*saved my life



Rachel said...

Love the necklace.

Amber Blue Bird said...

what a lovely song and such a pretty girl.

SMASH said...

Oh my god I am obsessed with those peek a poohs! I have one on my keychain right now (he's in an old timey clown outfit!)

also, I nominated you for a little blog award :)


Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

I love the little squirrel... and the badge of your mom and her sisters. Makes me want to make one with my sisters!

kenseycrane said...

oh my gosh! jenny!!!! you don't even know how happy i am to be reunited with my squirrel friend!!
i thought he was gone forever and was mourning his loss!
(also i sent you an email a few days ago, i just want to make sure you get it!)

Jenny Morris said...

aw kensey my love!! i didnt get your email...will you send it again to cant wait to read it!!

Lisa Michelle Cifuentes said...

I got slightly behind on reading your blog and just came back to it today. THRILLED you have so many great recent posts. Can't wait to catch up :)

And I love the photo of your mom and her sisters. Reminds me of mine!

Helen said...

Aw the squirrel is lovely. Squirrels are one of my favourite animals, particularly red ones. I know very random lol x

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