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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


My friend lent this lovely dress to me. It is vintage with the the most gorgeous hand painted flowers all over.



I handed in my last paper today and tomorrow morning I'm going home to Toronto for a month long visit. Milk Teeths kindly tagged to me to share 7 things about myself...but I did that last week! So heres my list of 7 things Ill be doing when I'm home for the break...

1. skating in our new backyard rink!
2. practicing the harmonica
3. working seasonal staff at club monaco
4. working on a new blog layout. so pumped for this!
5. eating my favorite foods ever - cheese and oysters
6. going on a vintage dress quest
7. playing with my cats Max and Ernst. We have another one named Marcelle but him and I don't really get along. Aren't those cat names so pretentious!?

Are you still in a work/school/christmas crunch? Just make like a kitten and hang in there! xo

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Georgia Rose said...

I adore that dress! You always look like a Russian princess or something.

c o t e said...

awww I love the dress and you look so cute in it
when I look at your hair, sometimes it makes me want to let mine grow

Sophi said...

"Foucault," "Baudrillard," "Barthes," and "Zizek" would all be worse. Yours are cute. Those are pretentious... although I'm now having so much fun imagining the cats that would have those names.

So that dress is magic on you. That color, with your hair. Magic.

I need to change my layout.. I actually really love yours as-is, for the record :) but I'm sure you'll do something rad with it.

Nnenna said...

I'm planning to do #4 too when I get home! Love your dress- and wow, hand-painted flowers!

Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

I'm jealous that you're going home! I'm going to Barcelona again, which will be cool, but I'm a bit sad not to see my family.

I'm also really jealous about the back-yard skating rink; I haven't been on one of those for years! I'm also planning on doing my blog layout over Christmas. Great minds think alike!

You look lovely by the way!

head over heels said...

wow that dress is pretty! a week tomorrow and i get to go home too :) can't wait! x

Jenny Morris said...

im so excited to see all of your new blog layouts when they are complete!!

sophi - that comment about pretentious cat names had me in stitches! funny girl :)

daisychain said...

that really is one incredible dress x

Amber Blue Bird said...

that dress is a beauty. Very envious of your backyard skating rink:)

softspoken said...


Alexis said...

girl I am intimidated by the success/popularity of your blog! remember when it was just us little munchkins expressing love for each other? this is so wonderful for you though! a. kitten is great. b. CAT NAMES SO GOOD. b. you get more and more nice to look at every day, I swear it.

Too bad we didn't cross paths in the end of semester slump BUT when we come back fresh-faced and stress-free in Jan, I am making a one-on-one date with Jenny from the Blog.... ya I went there.

Lisa Michelle Cifuentes said...

Okay, first of all, I love that dress!

Secondly, good for you for going home for a good stretch of time! Sounds nice and relaxing.

And lastly, a skating rink?? Is that common where you grew up? I'm from Florida so we had pools, which seems totally normal. But a skating rink? I am in awe! Can you please post photos?

PrettyNiftyThriftyFashion said...

i love your dress!!! the colour and fur look awesome!! my family used to make a ice rink in my backyard to!! we have moved and i miss it tons every winter now

OneCraftyFox said...

Seriously... hand painted? WOW!!

Hope you are doing great, and having an amazing start to the holidays! :)

SMASH said...

girl backyard ice rink?!?! So awesome! I need to go ice skating sometime soon :)


Lourdes said...

What a gorgeous dress! It looks wonderful on you! Hope you have a nice break and looking forward to your new blog layout!

Claudia Paola. said...

Such a gorgeous dress! I can't believe the flowers are hand-painted! It really is something special as nowdays you can't find that sort of thing. I really love the color- it looks great on you!

*Claudia* xoxo
Molto ❤ Fashion

Catita said...

the dress is amazing! and cool you are going back home for a while! So am I in 3 days ;)

annierama said...

your dress is gorgeous!lvoe the fur collar!

Fashion Fabrice said...

the dress is gorgeous! I wish i could see the hand painted flowers:) This is a great post! Im really happy I ran into your blog! it's a great read and i like your style:)
Im gonna follow your blog!

Hope you visit me and follow me back! That would be aamzing:)


Have a fabulous day!

Modafobik said...

Oh God, love this vintage piece! :) really amazing! it looks coming from Mad Men hehe, amazing :) follow you!!


Amber Blue Bird said...

oh my goodness, you are so sweet and I love this site! I had never heard of it before but now I am going to spend the rest of my day exploring each artist and yes I am loving Forest City Lovers!

Have you ever heard of

Just about every day they have 10 different songs from all genres that you can download for free. Awesome.

George said...

Your blog IS funky. And I love it! I like your dress and the helpful reminder to hang in there! Thanks and hello!

Raised By Wolves

A Little Brighter said...

Ohhh I LOVE this look! Seriously the colours and everything are so incredibly perfect! Ahh to have your wardrobe!

Ayesha x

Style ninfa said...

Love it!
You look super retro ;)
♥♥♥, Angie

would you like to follow each other?

Tinfoils Tiaras said...

I love your vintage blue dress- looks great with your hair! I love your cats`names- I always try to give mine human names too!

Have fun in TO!

xo Emily

Hannah Percyowl said...

What a beautiful dress! And cute bow shoes too :)
I always seem to be a in a crunch lately regardless of if it's holidays or not!

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