Comfort in Stripes

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I have recently come to understand the mass appeal of stripes.
fashion inspiration
So simple and stylish! So casual yet chic!

I had never sought out stripes in the past, and I still won't spend a lot of money on the style - I'm talking about you 35 dollar striped crop top from American Apparel - but this shirt landed in my hands and begged to be worn everyday! Becomming stripe-er was a chance occurrence, really. I pulled a top out of a bin at Buy the Pound in Toronto, and probably paid about 50 cents for it.
The awkward but cozy thing, is that a lot of other people are wearing stripes, and I find myself matching with at least one of my friends everyday. Photo 40
The other day Mat and I were like awkward kiddies on twin day - both wearing thick cream sweaters, navy and white stripes with a tan leather belt, trouser pants and pointy ass kicking boots. It was kind of awesome and weird, and I swear not planned!

(A warning on Buy the Pound - call this number - Goodwill Industries of Toronto Tel: 416-362-4711 - for the address as they have recently moved locations (from 35 Emblem Court in Scarborough to what I think it 250 Progress Road but I'm not positive.) So call just to be safe!)


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