Summer Forever

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm at the library in Mile End now, its my seventh day without internet and I've already finished the third season of Mad Men I downloaded! EEEk. Its the first day of school for me (I've got Gender and Journalism tonight at six) and I feel so ambivalent about it! Up until last year, I was always excited for my first day - I would have a giddy sleep the night before school, my hair would be washed, and maybe an outfit picked out. It just feels different this year perhaps b'cause it's my last year of university and you know, a well rounded year to me looks like blogging and having pals over for australian pies, throwing in some courses for good measure.
I'm also reflecting on the summer which had its ups and downs, but mostly, I can't believe its over! But the good thing is that in the past the beginning of school also signified the beginning of stress. I want this year to be different. Summer ForEVER! DSC_0314
DSC_0304 At the cottage, wearing a tank from Buy The Pound or a purple polka dot shirt from Old Navy (bought second hand) and shorts from Target (bathing suit section). Hayley is wearing a knit cardigan from Buy the Pound and a skirt worn as a dress from Fripe Prix in Montreal. Nars Heat Wave lippy on the both of us!


Rachel said...

I'm in my last year at university as well, and it does feel different, doesn't it? All of a sudden I can see the end and I don't really know how to feel about it.

That red lipstick looks fab on you.

Jenny said...

hey rachel! I had my first official day today...i felt very relaxed to be at school, which is probably a product of our almost being done (eeeek). but it was actually an amazing day! i was reminded of the life i have built in the four years i have been at uni...cozy friends, free food, beer at the bar! it feels good to be back. I'm gonna hop over to your blog now!

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