Sunday, September 26, 2010

Today I wore my first lady/pin up skirt to a burlsque drawing class.
I found it this weekend at the Vintage POP showcase in the discount bin (five dollars!)

If you can believe it, I went to the drawing class for my first assignment in school. Its for my sexuality and cinema class, where my professor had us go out on the town and do an analysis of a sexy place or event happening in the city. Instead of going to a strip club like everyone else in my class, my friend and I decided to draw Bonbon Bombay, the winner of last years Montreal International Burlesque Festival.

She came out in three elaborate costumes, striking poses and daintily undressing while the crowd drew away. I especially loved drawing her first costume, which she is wearing (and taking off) in the video above!

Song to accompany: Coin Operated Boy by the Dresdon Dolls


kenseycrane said...

Jenny, you look beautiful! I am swooning all over the place!
also, i absolutely love what you've done with the apartment! you gave it life!

Jenny said...

hayley and kensey! im humbled by your support :)

julia aka garconniere said...

wow, those photos are great! wonderful outfit.

i totally remember meeting you! you're in montreal now? québec bloggers unite!


you were in that class? so was i, but i had to drop it ;( awww shucks...

Jenny said...

GR! Christina I wish you could have stayed in the class!

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