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Thursday, September 30, 2010

It being POP Montreal, I want to tell you about Charlotte Cornfield, one of my favorite musicians in the city.

CHARLOTTE CORNFIELD - Arc Blues from Mitch Fillion ( on Vimeo.

"And then it was four am, in a city of four million, and somehow I ran into him, on a quiet street."This line evokes such vivid emotion in me! I imagine walking down Bright Street in Toronto, feeling restless and drunk and unsettled, because there is someone out there who is on my mind, and that someone makes me feel both heartbroken and hopeful at the same time.

Picture 6
Bright street found on etmll's flickr

There is a neat article about Charlotte from Found in the Margins where she explains "I recently wrote my first song that was a narrative--like, a story from beginning to end, but I think the most important thing about reading is the exposure to words and what can be done with them. Good stories with good characters are a powerful form [of communication], especially when people can relate to them. It's the same way in songs, particularly in autobiographical song writing." Each of Charlottes songs have the power to grip and hold me with one word, or one melody. Especially Arc Blues.

She is also a dear friend of mine, and having had the chance to get to know her better throughout the past...five years, I have had the pleasure to witness her talent, humor, self reliance and kindness! Charlotte's music fosters the kind of community that POP Montreal is all about, and she is always playing shows around Montreal and the rest of Canada! So check out her myspace for dates!

Tonight (Thursday) Charlotte is playing a free show in the basement of Phonoplis record store on Parc and Fairmount from 5pm-8pm with Shotgun Jimmie, Dog Day and and Baby Eagle. On October 2nd Charlotte will also be playing at Le Cagibi on St Laurent and St. Viateur with Philemon Chante Show starts at 9.


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