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Thursday, September 16, 2010

I am sitting in the university cafe and they are playing Hot Chip WAY too loud! Not the best atmosphere to report my lost credit card! (I failed the security test.) I'm conflicted because it could be safely tucked away in my trench coat pocket at home, OR it could be in the hands of a dirty thief! What's a girl to do?
Eat Campbell's soup!
Wear ass-kicking boots.
And try feeling generally bad ass.

High waisted pants from American Apparel, Purple sheer shirt from Goodwill (originally from Old Navy) and I found the orange cardigan in a give away box on the street earlier this month. I think bright orange is a perfect color for fall, and I've been wearing it every day this week!

Have a fun weekend!


Alexis said...

Coffee shops with bad music are the bane of my existence. You look smashing.

Jenny said...

Aw thanks! And gah, I know! Concordia's Java U is seriously the worst for that! We should hit up a cafe (with good music!) for chitchat/studies one of these days!

Anonymous said...

I really like the orange cropped jacket. Orange is a colour I don't see many people wearing so I love it when they do! In answer to your question, the two tone tights are from Myer. It's a big department store in Australia. As for the black sheer bow tights, they're from Hong Kong.

Jenny said...

I think this cardigan is from the gap originally (though I am not positive because the tag has been cut out) but I've been noticing that the gap makes some vintage inspired pieces using modern fabrics and cuts. This one, if you look closely, has a little peter pan collar!

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