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Sunday, September 12, 2010

On Friday, I went out to see Dirty Beaches and ended up crushing seriously hard on the tunes of Jef Barbara.

Fun fact: this video was shot at La Brique, where I danced the night away on Friday! We danced in a circle around Jef, and at one point my friend looked at me and said something like "Hold on to these moments, they will soon be our greatest memories" :) I thought in that moment it was very true.
I wore these pants that I got from a little second hand store in the suburbs. I probably tried on about 30 pairs of pants that day. 29 looked hideous on me but then I threw on these pants and felt attractive again. They are worn high with a Value Village leather belt. The shirt is one of the oldest pieces in my wardrobe, bought at Abercrombie and Fitch on a family trip to the states. RACY for age 12! Velvet heels are from Salvation Army.

This has been a killer weekend! I'm paying for it today, with a lazy hangover and general feeling of uselessness. Have a good week!


Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the comment on Animastro.. yeeeah Jana and I are in Buffalo, we're on a Study Abroad with our University and SUNY is one of their partners, we didn't exactly have a choice haha. We'll only be here till late December, just before Christmas... and I don't really plan on ever coming back to be honest ha. Get waaaaaay too many stares, it's like style is a foreign language. So you're from Toronto? that's pretty awesome, I have extended family there so we were there for two weeks last month, I really liked it, I'm definitely going back to Toronto on the weekend in a few weeks so yaay. :) Nice outfit btw haha

Jenny said...

Buffalo can be a bit of a dead end, but I'm sure you made heads turn (in a very good way) as well.

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