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Thursday, November 25, 2010


Mat lent me his camel sweater for the week and I've been living in it. I promised I'd give it back today (and I'm a girl who likes to stick to her word!) So sad as it is, I thought I'd do a little outfit post to commemorate all the great times we've shared together this week. Sigh.



Shorts: Lois Second Hand
Cardigan: Vintage
Black bodysuit:
American Apparel
Fur Hat:
Pierre Hardy for GAP


Pop Champagne said...

nice outfit, and I have that scarf too!! :D

Jenny Morris said...

neat - my dad gave this one to me - its about thirty five years old!

Anonymous said...

too adorable. don't give it back.

Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

Simple and brilliant! And maybe he'll let you borrow a different sweater for next week! ; ) I would ask anyway. I continue being in the depths of despair that you look amazing in those shoes, which I was too short-sighted to buy, and which cost some ridiculous amount on ebay.

And dad scarves are the best, along with dad sweaters!

P.S. Like you, I love Canadian bloggers!

daisychain said...

Wow you look utterly gorgeous x

SMASH said...

yes to this whole outfit. The sweater, those shoes (that look amazing on everyone, I'm mad that I didn't nab them when I could), and that hat especially!


Emma said...

Oh man, you look lovely! Do not give it back... and great hat, too. Really suits you! x

Two For Tea said...

I have a Burberry shirt with that exact print...isn't it fab?!

Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm happy to be your follower!!!

<3 Cambria

matchboxmuse said...

love the outfit and the color combinations! the hat is adorable!

love, M

head over heels said...

fab outfit, would it be the worst thing if you accidently forgot to give this cardie back?! x

Jenny Morris said...

Haha! You guys are so devious! I can't steal his cardigan!!! (but im secretly praying he will realize that i love the sweater more than he does and give it to me!!!!!!)

meghan said...

I love this outfit! I've been in search of a vintage faux fur pillbox hat. I envy yours!! What color lipstick are you wearing? That is quite lovely as well!

Ilaria Ginevra said...

You look so gorgeous!
This outfit is perfect for fall and fits you perfectly! ;D
Don't give it back ahah!!

Yanes Alicante said...

Thanks to follow me. I follow you from now.


Mimi said...

Those shoes are pretty amazing!! Love the whole outfit!


Anonymous said...

love the outfit! you're gorgeous!


Sophi said...

I like how you make such unexpected yet classic combinations of your clothes! I don't think I'd ever think to put this on, but I'm sure if I saw a girl wearing it I'd do that whole creepy-staring-outfit-checking-out thing. :P

You should set up a joint custody plan for the cardigan! It's made for you!


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