Friday, November 19, 2010

Here's my submission to the new magazine for teen girls...A little video to prompt you first on the sentiment I'd like to capture! 5 minutes in!

We need a new magazine for girls…

BECAUSE it’s time to show that feminism, fashion and girlhood can exist together and be representative of our lives and the change we want to see in the world.

BECAUSE being political and critical can be fun and silly and sexy and powerful when we do it OUR way.

BECAUSE we want FASHION not trends.

BECAUSE we’re sick of magazines that perpetuate beauty ideals that are impossible and damaging to our self esteem.

BECAUSE we hate being told how to flirt, how to make our lips kissable and how to read his body language when some of us girls love other girls, and for the girls who like guys - we’re smarter than that.

BECAUSE if we’re going to apply lipstick and play with style, it’s gonna be for OURSELVES as a fun and creative outlet for personal expression.

BECAUSE we need a magazine that represents girls of color, women of different sizes and abilities and queer ladies, to help demonstrate that you don’t have to be white, straight, able bodied and thin to be represented in a magazine.

BECAUSE we want to challenge and play with the fashion industry and expose the social, historical, economic and political forces behind the industry.

BECAUSE its cool if we want to have sex and its cool if we don't. Our bodies are our own and no one has the authority to make decisions about our bodies but ourselves.

BECAUSE we are sick of magazines that are constantly trying to sell us things.

BECAUSE we are sick and tired of hearing the statement: “The number one goal of girls is to lose weight” when we know a lot of girls with bigger dreams than that.

BECAUSE these dishonest messages about ourselves are not going to change unless we create our OWN meanings in a magazine that reflects our lives and choices.

It’s time, for a real girl magazine revolution now.



Sophi said...


This is awesome. Tavi better pick you.

Fleur-de-Lis said...

GReat post! I agree with all your statements ^^

BTW, I've just made a post with a discount code for US and Canada Readers, so feel free to visit:

Hope you like it***

Alexis said...

amen, girl.


Helen said...

Aw good luck with you're application - I'm sure you'll do great! And Happy Birthday for tomorrow :) x

The Silent Partner said...

I think it is your birthday today
Sunday nov 21/10. Some mysterious person told me so(a close relative of yours). Have a great one Jenny.
Your blog inspired me to one too.

laura said...

i also want a new magazine - one that shows realistic women and encourages people to be creative, make things themself and mix them in their own way instead of consuming thoughtlessly. something like neet magazine maybe? (:

worn fashion journal said...

WORN is Definitely in Agreeance! This was such an inspiring post Jenny, more magazines that show real girls, and less 'how to flirt like a pro' would be great additions to this world!

Sissy à la Mode said...

Oh great!!!

Anonymous said...

you should get a project going. you can do it, jenny!

meghan said...

good responses

Death By Shoe said...

This is fantastic! I just found your blog and looooove it! It's great to see a fellow Canadian blogger too :)

xo from Calgary

Jenny Morris said...

The Silent Partner - you are so mysterious! I really want to see you blog. Thanks so much for the comment - its nice to know this blog is inspiring others and that my family are spreading fashion funky the word :)

Death By Shoes - Its always nice to meet another Canadian girl

Everyone else - thanks for all the support :)

Anonymous said...

you want bigger girls, queer people and other in a magazine to show that they are also beautiful. its all about beauty. where is the feminism when its just about being beautiful?
you think its better, because its new and different, but you also only want to be admired, nothing else. no feminism. thats so pathetic!

Jenny Morris said...

interesting point...I think you are absolutely right. It would be way more revolutionary to have a magazine that says fuck beauty completely...what would you like to see?

but I think its relevant (and fun) to expose and be critical about the way fashion and beauty magazines have conventionally worked to bring us down. I think this is the sort of thing they would be interested in reading in the context of fashion/feminist magazine for teen girls.

Can I direct you to Margaret Cho's last words from her notorious tour? I think if a teen magazine for girls could capture her sentiments about self esteem and self love it would be incredibly powerful. what do you think?

SuzannaWright said...

Don't forget about Shamless magazine!
I know it isn't fashion-oriented, but it deserves to be recognized as a kick ass feminist teen mag.

Of course, I would rather that all magazines be more like Sassy rather than Seventeen...

Anonymous said...

ok, i think I got your point.
but I find it a pity that you want a magazine what is free from stereotypes but you dont dare to be free of these steroetypes.
what about no make-up or not shaving legs or not showing so much skin?
dont you think you are a victim yourself?
i mean i am sure i am myself, but i dont claim myself as a feminist, because i know i am far away from that and i know that its because of the fucking advertisment that i think about how much i eat and that i wear makeup to look less tired, because we life in an achievement-oriented society ("leistungsgesellschaft", as we say in german).
anyway, i totally agree with all your points, but i think you should start with yourself!

Jenny Morris said...

In high school, I went to an activist camp in british columbia...

one day the boys split from the girls to talk about "gender" all day. so what did the girls talk about? our bodies, eating disorders, how much pressure there was to look and be a certain way...

no solutions were offered, no alternatives, no empowerment, no feminism. i left that session feeling bad about myself and my body and my gender.

I want a magazine that combats this and offers solutions for change.

You say we should completely side step this industry and focus on other things...YES FOR SURE! But I think it would be destructive to completely ignore image issues...if it wasn't relevant and important to our young lives, we wouldn't have spent the whole day talking about image issues on gender day...

for sure, we should be opening up the scope of feminism for girls that moves away from obsessing about looks...but have you thought that maybe girls WANT to enter feminism by engaging in "the beauty myth"? i know for myself, on that day at camp, I knew I wanted more! I wanted my girlhood to be about more than looks and body image..,but i also needed solutions! I needed revolution...maybe then i wouldn't have left that session feeling self conscious but empowered instead.

Jenny Morris said...

Oh, and...

I would hate to alienate girls from a magazine or a girl-feminist movement just because they care about empowering themselves AND wearing a killer outfit, getting kissed, and shaving their arm pit hair.

You said: "but I find it a pity that you want a magazine what is free from stereotypes but you dont dare to be free of these steroetypes. What about no make-up or not shaving legs or not showing so much skin? dont you think you are a victim yourself?"

We don't have to throw away make up and our razors and decide to dress modestly in order to feel empowered and feminist...

this kind of thinking is backwards to the kind of movement I'd want to be apart of.

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