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Monday, October 11, 2010

Or has it just begun?

Picture 61

In August, Isabel joked about "going goth" on her blog, and with that, the darker aesthetic flew into my radar. Then last week, I found myself completely enamored by three collages created by Raez of Cheap Thrills on the LG Fashion Voice website (to see the rest click HERE), (Psst! Both of these girls are Canadian!) After gazing at the collages for a very long time, I realized that I had many similar items lying around my house.


I usually wear this jacket as a dress - though it hardly gets any wear because it's super 80's. But worn as a coat I feel like I'm in a warped fashion matrix. The corset was purchased two summers ago at Value Village, the maroon lace tights are from the Bay and the boots are from VV as well.


The funnest part was scrounging for accessories and makeup! The maroon lipstick is from MAC and starts with the word "DARK". I'm afraid the rest of the name has been rubbed off! Maybe its like "Dark Night"? On my nails: OPI's Lincoln Parc After Dark, the neclace is just a gold chain I had lying around and its secured with a twist tie.


This picture is funny - I found this black netted thing on my floor after spilling the bag of leaves out. I can wear this on my face I thought! Then I felt too much like lady gaga and took it off.

This was really fun. I have to say, its seriously empowering to be able to craft an entirely new look without having to spend any money! So empowering, I just want to throw leaves everywhere and trash my apartment! Oh wait...I already did that.



Sarah said...

I love this look. So adorable and dramatic. i love all the accessories especially the red lips!

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

I love this look, you don't look like gaga! you look better.
ps- in reference to a previous post, i loveeee your socks with sandals. i want to try that so bad, but im short and weird ha.
pps- i took classes at concordia in ny in hs!!!! <3

Fleur-de-Lis said...

Oh, this look is amazing on you! The jacket is perfect and loved the photos with the leaves on the air ^^

Jenny said...

Aw thanks for the comments - i'm really excited to try this look out!

Anonymous said...

that jacket kills it. it would look so nice with soft pastels and flirty fabrics.
it would make anything goth.
would rock it with this?


Jenny said...

Erika! I would WEAR THAT!
it reminds me of a style I am looking for - only in black haah- of Rose Melberg (as a wee little teenager) from the Softies singing the biggest lie with Elliot Smith - its the sweetest video.

fashion and DIY - thank you! I love your blog name :) gonan check it out thoroughly after i write my paper!

Raez said...

Hey, great neogoth look there! I'm glad my three 'outfits' inpired you.

I love that 80's jacket dress btw, and the maroon tights are a cool touch:)

xx raez

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