How Did Stella Get Her Groove Back?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

This is the outfit that carried me through the weekend. It reminds me of Sailor Moon, an airplane stewardess, and a kindergarten color board (see? primary colors are complimentary!) I found the top at Concordia's clothing swap this week, at a community event called The Really Really Free Market.
All of these photos were taken by my talented friend Aliya Kahsay

I don't know how Stella got her groove back, but I know that I found mine this weekend. Its probably a combination of the leaves falling, the POP events happening in my neighborhood, and the non stop fun I have been having since Wednesday night! Maybe that's all I needed - a really carefree weekend to settle into this city.
I had a little party last night and this is how the end looked - Me and four little babes in a blanket, a pile of kittens, all snug in a rug. I think we were all exhausted! I am ready to spend the next week in a mute, anti-social state of reflection! I also have many more pictures from this weekend to sift through, and a disposable camera currently developing at the Pharma-Prix, so check back for more throughout the week :)


Jenny said...

aw i heart your comments and am glad to hear that as I was worried this post might give off the "my life is so fun, can you believe it, i am SO great" was just a really fun weekend :)

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