How to be Alone

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I am going to try and make Tuesday my personal date day! I love doing things on my own and find I'm recharged after a day of meandering around all by myself! Here's a video I LOVE about being happy doing things on your own.

The weather was perfect today so I tried out a cozy sandwich shop in Little Italy called Le Pick Up, which came to me highly recommended. The space reminded me of a small town corner store...its woodsy and small and the the regulars are friendly. Bob Dylan was playing and it fit the vibe perfectly.


I got a little lost on the way so I asked a hip looking girl if she knew where it was. She couldn't explain all the twists and turns, so she pulled out her Iphone, said "I really want you to try the Halloumi sandwich" and looked up the address. It was worth it... Grilled cheese, decadent minty cabbage perfection!


Le Pick Up is half restaurant, half Deppaneur (they are all over Montreal, basically a convenient store only it sells alcohol till 11 every night).

Then I went to two second hand shops and spent hours wondering if my purchases were practical! lol.


Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

That sandwich is epic. I totally LOL'd when she pulled out her iPhone. Did you go out by yourself to do this? People think I'm nuts when I go out to eat and do things by myself!!! What is up with that?
Ok so the giveaway, I was beyond stoked. It was totally an huge goal of mine to win one. Also, I took distance learning classes at Concordia via a TV before Skype (jeez I'm old) when video conferencing was uber high tech ;)
ps-the word verification code is "fraplash" and I needed you to know that because it made me laugh really hard.

Jenny said...

I love doing things by myself! Your comment made me laugh out loud! fraplash ahahah!

Alexis said...

This looks amazing! I want to do this too. Already this week I've been to two NFC film premieres alone. I find doing it alone makes me a lot more comfortable to laugh at what I find funny and ask questions during the Q&A period with the directors. I am shaky with how inspiring the film I just came from was. If you EVER have the chance to see Music From the Big House, do. it.
Also my word verification is wharl. good stuff.

Jenny said...

Alexis! I couldnt agree more...Absorbing something I love is often best fulfilled alone! Or with a super cozy friend.

Alexis said...

It's an epidemic.

frominsidetheofficeicansee said...

Hi Jenny, I am loving your blog!
It has such a wonderful feel to it,so fresh and fun and free and creative all with great style! That sandwich looks fabulous. There is a sandwich I used to get when I travlled in France called a pan-bagnat...This looks like that.
You should google it and see the images you get...It was the most wonderful meal in the world...

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