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Wednesday, October 6, 2010



On Sunday I went to a craft fair called Puces Pop and I stumbled upon a table that was strangely familiar - the quirky art work, the stitching on the buttons...After a moments lingering, I asked, "Were you profiled in WORN Fashion Journal?"


It turned out to be true! And coincidentally, my friend Tessa Smith covered the story.

Picture 42

The lovely lady behind the table has the best name in the world - Sam Purdy. (Am I Right??) She also works with Sara Guindon, who I didn't get to meet, but also has a pretty sweet name. Together they produce beautiful crafts under the title, Pin Pals (here is their blog) Speaking of pins, I have an unnecessary amount of bobby pins in my hair in the picture below! haha


I bought this pin of two red heads - one happy and one sad and I've been wearing it every day since! When people ask me how I'm doing, I think I should start pointing to one or the other, depending on my mood.


Flopy said...

The dress is awesome and your hair is cheerful!!
I FOLLOW you, the blog is great :)


Jenny said...

truly means the world :)

Worn Editor said...

You're comments on the worn blog have been so sweet! Issue six was actually the first issue I bought as well...and it was enough to make me apply for a job with the magazine! Glad you liked it as well

Anna Wornette

Jenny said...

I heart WORN. thank you for commenting back :) I am planning to do a post: Hopelessly Devoted to WORN in the coming week or so. I just realized, I've totally got GREASE on the brain. And sister act...I don't know why lol

p.s. Is this Anna of If the Sok Fitz? I love your blog.

plentyforpennies said...

Love your vintage look! Stunning!


Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

that is the cutest pin!!!! you're getting an award on my blog later tonight. the little red heads are too cute.

Pin Pals said...

aw, thanks for the write up! It was nice meeting you too, I'm so glad you enjoy your smiley/frowny pin ^__^

The Owl's Closet said...

Sounds like a fun craft fair! I'm loving those pins in ur hair! They're adorable:)


daisychain said...

those pins are ADORABLE and your outfit is beautiful

Jenny said...

thank you for the comments! 9 so far...we're breaking a fashion made me funky records :)

kenseycrane said...

I love the kitties! and the gingers too! and you look as lovely as ever.

F.M. said...

I love Pin Pals. Did a piece on Sara's work on CBC. To date, I've purchased a few dozen of her pieces and they're one of my favorite things to put in the post when I send friends abroad letters.

apocalypstick said...

That dress is killer and looks famous on you.

Sofia Boo said...

i need those pins. CUTIE

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