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Monday, October 18, 2010

Sadly not all of us can look this fabulous on a bicycle!

There has been a lot of rain in Montreal this fall season and it seems to always come down the hardest when I'm on my bike!



Equipped with my new raincoat and hardy blundestones, I am ready to grab this fall season by the balls! Both keep me dry, comfortable and temperate.

Yesterday I spent some time in the hospital, visiting a friend who hit his head. (He is okay - thank god!) On my ride over, I vowed to always wear helmut before hopping on my bike. Its so silly not to!

So far the helmut-jacket-blundstone combo has been successful - no one recognizes me anymore and I feel free to sing as loud as my heart desires! Currently stuck in my head is a new song called Cider by my friends Walter and Irene (their myspace HERE)


Sarah said...

Such a cute look. I love, love those tights!


Jenny said...

thanks! they are betsey johnson bought on sale for fifty percent off.

SMASH said...

better safe than sorry! I wish they'd make some affordable yet chic helmut options for the rest of us!


Fleur-de-Lis said...

so cute and practical :)

Jan said...

Thanks for your lovely comment at my blog!
&Wow those tights are so cool!

daisychain said...

I love your tights x

Jenny said...

SMASH - I agree about it being better safe than sorry! It would be nice to fund some cute helmet options. ill look around and start dreaming! maybe a vespa color helmut would be cute.


Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

I think you look great, but there's no denying that that other girl is majorly inspirational!

Wanted to get back to you about the cultural appropriation thing with the sweaters. I'm never quite sure where I stand on that whole debate. On the one hand, I find advertisements like the new Tommy Hilfiger ones, where a little boy is wearing a feather headdress and appears to be doing a war cry, offensive. But I don't think the Granted sweaters are quite the same thing. They do draw from that heritage, but they are affectionate, and while they're priced to the point where likely only rich people have them, they are that way because they're employing a small army of knitters (old Japanese ladies I think, rather than native, but still). I think there comes a point where the cowichan sweaters do pass into our own cultural heritage, even though as white Canadians we were the oppressors. It is important to acknowledge the roots of the tradtion, but I don't think that means it shouldn't be used. After all, fashion draws on all sorts of cultural traditions, half of which we're not likely even aware of most of the time.
I wore an East Indian dress to my graduation (eons ago, ; )) and considered it a tribute to a style I liked, not a knock-off by a white girl.

I'd be interested to know what you think! Sorry for writing a novel in your comments section.

Oh, and I agree with SMASH about the affordable helmets. My options this year were lime green or canary yellow. Blechh.

Jenny said...

Hey Emily!

Your comments are always so appreciated! and i am in total agreement with you - i was actually really happy with your post!...it is a completely different (and refreshing) take/representation...VERY unlike the tommy hilfiger ad you described, where the little boy is wearing a head dress.


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