Kensey Crane

Monday, October 11, 2010

Kensey Crane is an artist whose photos capture love in most unexpected places! Her pictures are sincere, and charming, and each one strikes a cord in me - the one that sings "that's it...that is the feeling." Nostalgia, longing, humor,'s all there. In our interview, Kensey explains that everything Miranda July touches turns to gold - well, I would argue the exact same thing about the lovely Miss Crane.

We did a fun little interview and together chose five pictures from the hundreds of gorgeous photos on her Flickr. It was not easy, let me tell you!


Ha! Thank you!! It was a magnetic feeling I had towards the camera, an instant affinity. I reached for it to communicate all these ideas I had in my head. I remember reading an interview with Joanna Newsom where she says her harp is like an extension of herself, and those are my exact sentiments towards my camera. I feel like something is missing when I don’t have my camera with me. Like I’ve forgotten to bring one of my limbs! There is nothing more painful for me than seeing the perfect candid moment and being caught cameraless!

My dad is a photographer, and was always really encouraging about the whole thing. When I showed the smallest spark of interest in it - he ran out and bought me my first camera, gave me some really helpful hints and got excited whenever I showed him a photo I’d taken.

Flickr can be really hit or miss for me. I feel like I’ve found so many amazing treasures on there, but you’ve really got to sift away the people who just want to show off their fancy cameras, trying to promote themselves without ever appreciating what other people have to offer. I joined it about three years ago and I feel like I’ve made some real connections with other members, often other women, which is really nice. It’s such a lovely and simple form of human connection. Sharing images. It often keeps me motivated when I receive a positive reaction. Sometimes I can’t even wait to put something up that I’m proud of!

People with interesting faces! I love anything that is outside “the box” - I guess quirkiness in the most sincere form. People who are weird without trying to be so, or people who embrace whatever it is that sets them apart from the norm! I really love Miranda July, everything she touches turns to gold. I get really inspired by her work because it is all saturated in such humor and sincerity and those are the two most important qualities I seek out in people. I also love old films and photos and paintings that pushed the boundaries of what was considered acceptable at the time and spend a lot of time reading, watching movies, googling strange things, and observing people in various situations and somehow it all soaks in to my subconscious and makes it easier for me create my own things. I love people who make art as a means to express themselves and provoke thought or emotion, not just for fame or recognition or flattery.

I am just so charmed by certain aesthetics and colour schemes and shapes that don’t seem to exist in the modern day. Finding something unique and vintage with a history you’ll never even know about, it’s a thrill for me! Not to mention is almost always affordable which is a comfort for someone who is perpetually on a budget

Hmm.. I think I’d be a spoonful of Nutella. Because then I’d shamefully eat myself once I thought everyone else had gone to bed.

My Flickr - Hello Bonjour - is the best place! I also have a blog called Wincing Churchill but I am not as loyal to it! I am in the process of setting up an etsy shop for vintage findings and also prints of my photos. I’ll let you know as soon as its up and running!


Alejandro said...

Kensi is a great artist!

Georgia Rose said...

I'm lucky enough to be this babe's penpal! She is a wonderful lady.

kenseycrane said...

<3<3<3<3<3 forevermore

Fleur-de-Lis said...

wow, the photos are great! loving the technique and the colors**

Jenny said...

Georgia Rose - I was just thinking about how lovely pen pals are after seeing this picture! (link below) And to be one to kensey - lucky indeed.

the flickr links to another Canadian lady! where are you from/living?

Anonymous said...

good interview

hannah and landon said...

Yay Kensey! She is magic!

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